​What is The Non Diet Approach To Health?

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T he Non-Diet Approach is a different way of looking at health and eating behaviours compared to the well known method of measuring an individuals health by how they measure on the scales. This approach is the clinical practice of the Health At Every Size paradigm that I go on about on my social pages.

The Non-Diet Approach follows such principals as accepting and embracing body cues, embracing all foods (#allfoodsfit), accepting and embracing body shape… even if its not the body you would prefer… and fostering a positive relationship with ALL foods (which is most times the last step in this process).

As you can see, theres a lot about accepting and embracing, which is quite a far cry from the current social climate that tells us ‘were not good enough’ and we need to get fitter’ ‘we need to be healthier’ and ‘we need to be skinnier’.

And before you say “but some people really are overweight, and that’s really not healthy” i’ll just let you know, that while yes, some people may be fatter, their size does not necessarily determine their health.

The Non-Diet Approach focusses not on a persons size, but rather helping them embrace what they have so they can nourish, thrive, move, and care for, the incredible body they have, without shame or judgement.

Eliminating negative perspectives can lead to intuitive eating practices, exercise for the fun of it, and actually having a ‘healthy’ relationship with food, which decreases mental health issues. YES, DECREASES MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES! You heard me right.

See it turns out that positively embracing the gift that is our body, actually decreases our chance of chronic illness.

When experiencing a more healthful relationship with food and self, some people do lose weight, and some people may put it on, and some people may not change at all. But here, the premise is not a number on a scale, but rather how are your health outcomes?
Are your blood results improving because of increased movement that you enjoy? Not because your slogging it at the gym.
Are you moving more freely because you’re moving more often, because you actually want to?
Are you eating foods you love, and enjoying them without feeling guilty?
Do you have loads of energy because you’re no longer starving yourself of the most crucial energy source?

There’s a lot more to the non diet approach, but this is just a brief intro, and you can find out more about how I practice Nutrition with this in mind by visiting my Home and About pages on my website.

Eat and move joyfully friends, your body and mind will thank you for it!

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