A great way to introduce more food skills into your home in an enjoyable session for the kids, big and small!


Food Masters Cooking Classes are especially tailored to the needs of those sensory sensitive kids who may struggle with everyday foods a bit more than others, but that’s not to say any child can’t enjoy these sessions, because they can!


  • Food therapy solution for older children with sensory needs.
  • A great support for home learning.
  • A fun foodie session for any child interested in learning how to cook.
  • Individual and group sessions available.

Research shows that including children in the preparation and cooking of food and meals has a positive influence on the range of foods children will potentially try, and it supports them to have a positive perspective of foods. If children are part of the food preparation process, they are more inclined to try the food they have made!

All sessions are run in sensory respectful manner, meaning, that even if your child is a very selective eater, has some sensory challenges, or struggles to tolerate certain aspects of foods, that’s ok! Every child has the capacity to cook in some form, so why not give it a go!

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