Feeding Therapy


What Are Feeding Therapy Sessions?


Along side being a Qualified Nutritionist, Chaya has also trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding, a feeding treatment used by many Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists around the world, and whilst all feeding sessions are not a replication of the SOS methods, it utilises the same premise that exposure to a variety of sensory foods in a play based environment will give children the capacity to try new foods without fear.

All feeding advice and support is underpinned by Responsive Feeding methods, and the Division of Responsibility (sDOR).

Food Sessions are run in the form of therapy sessions run as week by week sessions. Online sessions can either be play based therapy where a child is gradually exposed to a small variety of foods in each session, or for the older kids or those who will respond better to this approach, cooking sessions (FOOD MASTERS – scroll down), which provide both food exposure, sensory food based experiences and also the reward of producing a completed food item by the end of the session.

Food items are selected based on your childs individual needs, so much preparation is involved to ensure each child experiences the most out of each session.

The foods included in the session may not be consumed to begin with, but exposing children to the sensory aspects of food in a specified format, in a relaxed and experimental environment, has been shown to increase acceptability of foods over an expanded period of time.

Food Sessions are recommended for young children who struggle to enjoy food and have a limited, accepted, variety of foods. Some children may have sensory challenges that prevent them from accepting family foods, or are not comfortable in a meal-time environment.

We also have a lot of fun playing and exploring accepted and new foods to aid in teaching your child how fantastic food is and how incredible their bodies are, and most importantly, shifting a childs fear mentality to one of curiosity and enjoyment.

Seeds Nutrition is very sensitive to special dietary requirements and understands that all families do food differently, and this must be taken into account.

What is included in Food Therapy sessions?


At Seeds Nutrition, we understand that feeding challenges won’t just magically disappear. Changes and habit shifts in children take time and it is important to have support through this.

Walking alongside parents and carers as they navigate changes in foods and routines at home over the course of the Food Therapy sessions, is part of the Seeds Nutrition service to complement progress in sessions.

Therapy Food Session Package includes;

  1. Family support through scheduled parent sessions.
  2. Email support for parents.
  3. Report after assessment, containing recommendations and advice to support your child at home.
  4. Support in implementing strategies at home to increase efficacy of feeding therapy.

Food Masters Cooking Classes


Food Masters Cooking Classes are especially tailored to the needs of those sensory sensitive kids who may struggle with everyday foods a bit more than others, but that’s not to say any child can’t enjoy these sessions, because they can!


  • Food therapy solution for older children with sensory needs.
  • A great support for home learning.
  • A fun foodie session for any child interested in learning how to cook.
  • Individual and group sessions available.

Research shows that including children in the preparation and cooking of food and meals has a positive influence on the range of foods children will potentially try, and it supports them to have a positive perspective of foods. If children are part of the food preparation process, they are more inclined to try the food they have made!

All sessions are run in sensory respectful manner, meaning, that even if your child is a very selective eater, has some sensory challenges, or struggles to tolerate certain aspects of foods, that’s ok! Every child has the capacity to cook in some form, so why not give it a go!

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