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Seeds Nutrition provides services to support the whole family to learn, develop and thrive into competent eaters.

Being the parent of a fussy eater can be a challenge! Seeds Nutrition provides services to support the whole family to learn, develop and thrive into competent eaters.

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Are Mealtimes Stressful and frustrating?

Do you or your child end up distressed upset or defensive at meal times?

Does your child have only a handful of foods they will eat?

If you have answered yes to any (or all three) above, you’re in the right place.

Feeding children can be challenging. We discuss why HERE, but we will suffice to say, if you are struggling to get your child to eat a variety of food at mealtimes, or your child refuses food before it has reached their plate, and if you, as a parent or carer are just not coping with mealtimes, we would love to speak to you.

There are many different levels of fussy eating, and they can be caused by a variety of reasons. Emotional, physical, and biological mechanisms all play a role in a childs feeding development, and it is important to determine what the cause of fussy eating is before treatment can be advised.

The positive side of fussy eating is that there are always methods of treatment, so do not despair!

Read below for information on our Parent Appointments, Feeding Assessments, Therapy Sessions and Food Masters Cooking Classes, but by all means, get in contact if you’d like more information by clicking the link below.

Parent Session

There is a wide spectrum of fussy eating, and it may be that you, as a parent, need some support to understand:

  • Where your child is at.
  • How you can support your child at home.
  • If therapy sessions are necessary.
  • How to implement an action plan in your home that may tip the scale towards enjoying mealtimes at home.

A parent session is usually a telephone consult to fit into busy schedules, but we do recommend a time when you do not have your child with you so you are able to speak freely.

Feeding Assessment

To determine the best approach to supporting your child and your family, a Feeding Assessment provides an opportunity to;

  • Meet your child online.
  • Assess the needs of your child.
  • Observe your child’s oral motor skills in action.
  • Determine if referral to supporting therapy services is necessary.
  • Discuss the best step forward for your family.
  • Determine if Therapy Food Sessions may benefit your child.
  • Provide you with an assessment report.

What happens after an assessment?

After an assessment, a formal report is provided, outlining specific strategies that may be implemented in the home environment, suited specifically to your child’s needs.

Feeding Therapy sessions may be recommended for your child, please click here for further information.

Further support is always available after assessment to ensure families feel supported in the journey. Being a parent of a challenging eater can be isolating and overwhelming, and we would like the process to feel uplifting and encouraging throughout. Parent sessions are always an option throughout the feeding support process.

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